Gummi Hasenkrug GmbH

Tyres, wheels, automotive services. Your partner in Bremerhaven.

Since 1928 Gummi Hasenkrug in Bremerhaven and surrounding area has been a well-known industry leader when it comes to tyres and automotive service. Furthermore, since 1975 we have made a name for ourselves as an importer and wholesaler of General Tire 4x4 off-road tyres.

For us, standing still means falling behind. For this reason, Gummi Hasenkrug has constantly expanded its own range with innovative products and services.  By way of example, 2016 saw us celebrating our 25th anniversary as a BOSCH SERVICE partner.

Irrespective of which department you are dealing with in our company, reliable service, absolute customer orientation and top quality are always included with us! 

Industrial tyres + truck tyres with immediate service.

No one can afford having their vehicle off the road for long periods. To provide rapid and effective assistance, we have set up a mobile service station. Our mobile service station is equipped with everything required to get your vehicle back up and running in no time. There is space for large tyres and equally so for state-of-the-art technology and tyre fitting equipment. Our professional and experienced service technicians really know their stuff. They ensure that you are mobile again in no time. We are only a call away!

Gummi Hasenkrug - living and working in Bremerhaven

Gummi Hasenkrug currently employs 19 staff in its various departments. Whether an "old hand" or trainee, with meticulous workmanship and a love for technical detail, we make sure that our customers receive optimum support day in, day out. And regular training courses and advanced training measures ensure that all our colleagues are always equipped with the latest knowledge. In a number of fields of work - e.g. with diesel engines - our employees have acquired such a high level of expertise that their reputation extends far beyond the confines of the company.