Services that move you forward - the PNEUNET fleet service for commercial vehicles

To further the success of your company unhindered and sustainably, your commercial vehicles must always run faultlessly. One basic requirement for this are tyres that are always in excellent condition. The fleet service of the PNEUNET network keeps your commercial vehicle tyres on the road to success at all times – with comprehensive services that set quality standards and which you can use either as a complete package or individually tuned to your needs.

With the PNEUNET fleet service, it is about more than just a swift repair or quick change of a tyre in the event of a breakdown. It is geared to ensuring that tyre failures and as such downtimes in your fleet are prevented over the long term. After all, particularly for operators of commercial vehicle fleets, tyres constitute a substantial business investment. To ensure that it pays maximum dividends for you, in our comprehensive fleet check, we record signs of wear, take account of various operating conditions and mileages and plan the seasonal change of all the tyres of your fleet carefully and proactively. By devising these individual tyre concepts, we boost the performance of your tyres, reduce the energy consumption and, in doing so, max out the savings potential for you.

With its quality services, the PNEUNET fleet service contributes measurably to the efficiency of your commercial vehicle fleet. Thanks to tyre management that is optimally and individually tuned to your needs, your commercial vehicles are perfectly equipped for each deployment and boosting your business success.

Discover the comprehensive offering of the PNEUNET fleet service:

  • Our own 24-hour emergency service is independent of the manufacturer and is available throughout Europe - and in case of an emergency in the shortest possible time on the spot where you need it. Highly qualified servicemakers in fully-equipped pannel service vehicles will put your truck back into operation as quickly as possible, day and night, at an optimized cost.

  • At harvest time, every minute counts. During the harvest season our emergency service is available to you 7 days a week, round the clock to ensure that a standstill caused by the breakdown of your agricultural vehicles in no way curtails your harvest.

  • In order to spare you service-related downtimes, we take care of your tyres directly at your premises - at a time which best suits your timetable.

  • We not only check the air pressure, tread and condition of tyres in your fleet, but also check whether they are suitable for the particular use of the vehicle. Thanks to these individual tyre concepts, we optimise savings potential for you.

  • The ideal tyre has a significant impact on fuel saving and efficiency.

  • To increase the productivity and profitability of your fleet, we also treat carcases as an important tyre component e.g. with carcase reporting, retreading, purchasing and environmentally friendly disposal.

  • In special leasing contracts for small to medium-sized HGV's, only the actual number of kilometres driven will be accounted for, thus tyre costs reduced to a calculable value. Your benefits: Fixed monthly rates with central billing save you from you constantly negotiating prices, you don't have storage which means no storage costs, moreover, you benefit from reduced staff deployment and optimised liquidity as well as from our 24h breakdown service, fleet check and mobile service.